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Spike X Barb lovers, here’s a song for these cute couple!

Soundfont: Tales of Phantasia / Star Ocean

Art done by: me

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Her name is Eris and she is a female mirror of Discord. However, unlike Discord, she shows her seductive side. I wish Laura Bailey would voice that character.

Soundfont used: Tales of Phantasia / Star Ocean

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Rainbow Blitz! 200 MPH! Close sweep! Single loop! No casualties…?

…AWESOME!! Blitz does it again!

Soundfont: Gundam Wing ~ Endless Duel

Picture by: Trotsworth

Posted 4 weeks ago

Butterscotch’s Theme ~ Green Bird Symphony

Soundfonts used:
Front Mission
Super Mario RPG

It does sound very Final Fantasy-esque, but never forget Yoko Shimomura’s love for Square Enix games!

Posted 1 month ago

Zecora’s Theme: Hermit of the Everfree Forest

Requested by Rubinya

If you enter the world of Evermore, you will leave nevermore!

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Happy Birthday, Andrea Libman!

I’ll be happy to see the three of you! You, Pinkie and Fluttershy! Well, see you on July 19th!

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Now this is happy ending.
Magic Man Out

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Just gonna give you a friendly, little reminder that I am now going to move on to the next level of my 16-bit fun on Bandcamp! Please support this 16-bit album for my Indie Arcade game project called Midas Adventure: Part One! I’ll let you know when it’s there. It has the instruments from games such as Rocket Knight Adventures, Sparkster (AKA RKA2), Gunstar Heroes, and Dragon’s Fury (AKA Devil Crash MD) with the drum kits from various games, which I got from TheLegendOfRenegade on YouTube. And yes, it will cost 70¢ per track and $10 for the album. Plus, there’s a bonus track, but it’s a secret and I won’t tell! So, cross my heart, hope to fly, and stick a cupcake in my eye! Anyway, Thanks in advance!

Link to album:
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SNES Brony is now on Bandcamp! Thanks so much, guys, for following me! You get what you want!

Edit: I fixed one of the tracks that had a bad quality sitar and replaced it with the Chrono Trigger sitar.

Posted 4 months ago

Good news, everypony! I’ve made my very own album via Loudr! It’s called “SNES Brony: Speedrun EP”. It’ll be out on iTunes on April 26! Don’t worry, SNES and MLP Fans, it’s worth it!

Follow the link: